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Welcome To Blooms

  • A decade back Indians were spending money in beautifying the interiors of building. No body was bothered about the exterior, they usually finish the exterior wall with plaster and white wash.

  • But now era has changed and clients/architects are looking for the exteriors as excellent as interiors of building with a permanent finish.

  • In past decade lots of innovative material come into picture, people used them in various ways, some products like ACP and natural stone being used extensively.

  • The scene become very panic when every second building is covered by ACP & stone  by leaving designer’s not much choice of other materials.

  • So we feel that there is a tremendous scope of new innovative façade and floor materials and Blooms present a series of imported materials ranging from wooden & Terracotta façade to uPVC doors & windows & Artificial grass for Indian homes, hotels & offices.

  • A little use of these products in exterior can enhance the beauty and functionality of the buildings.
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